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Aug 20, 2009
4:11 pm

Darin Beaman

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[caption id="attachment_224" align="alignleft" width="245" caption="Reality catches a break"]Reality catches a break[/caption]

The display of graphic information over real-time video is commonly referred to as Augmented Reality (AR) Buy Etodolac Without Prescription, . Etodolac dose, One's initial experience with it was probably watching a football game on TV. It was a small miracle when the computer-generated  first-down line magically stayed put while the camera panned, my Etodolac experience. Order Etodolac online overnight delivery no prescription, Players appeared to run over it, not under it, Etodolac blogs. Etodolac reviews, Camera angles changed, and the line remained, Etodolac pics. For a brief instant, it was cool, Buy Etodolac Without Prescription. Get Etodolac, Now that has disappeared; it has become part of the game. In fact, purchase Etodolac online no prescription, After Etodolac, it is part of nearly every TV sporting event. TV instances of AR technology are Pop Warner league compared to what is about to happen, purchase Etodolac online. Discount Etodolac, Tag the World
is an app available for the android phone. Buy Etodolac Without Prescription, It allows developers to lay photos, video, and text over live video on the phone. And it's location based, Etodolac canada, mexico, india. Etodolac samples, So as you pan your phone's camera over the food court, you can get information on which vendors are less likely to poison you (Are you listening, purchase Etodolac, Online buying Etodolac hcl, health inspectors?). Any content that is tagged shows up as information over what appears on your camera's screen, where can i buy cheapest Etodolac online. Etodolac used for, Be Recognized
What about people. TAT Augmented ID is an app that uses facial recognition technology from Flickr to identify a person and pull up available profile information about them, Buy Etodolac Without Prescription. Think your online persona can't follow you into the real world, canada, mexico, india. Etodolac mg, Think again. Feel a Sandra Bullock movie here, order Etodolac from United States pharmacy, Buy Etodolac online cod, anyone.

Need Directions?
Download Nearest Tube, Etodolac schedule. Buy Etodolac Without Prescription, It overlays subway station information onto live video on your iPhone. Etodolac overnight, Point the camera down the street and get the distance to the nearest subway. The transportation, my Etodolac experience, Buy generic Etodolac, the restaurant, although.., purchase Etodolac. Comprar en línea Etodolac, comprar Etodolac baratos, Minority Report vs. Fight Club
There are two cinematic visions of AR that have manifested themselves in real life, Etodolac long term. Audiences swooned as Tom Cruise groped the gestural interface in Minority Report, Buy Etodolac Without Prescription. Online buy Etodolac without a prescription, His deftness at sifting through information felt almost inevitable. In reality, online buying Etodolac, Etodolac images, we got the iPhone and iPod touch. Small miracles, where can i find Etodolac online, Etodolac interactions, but not as grand an experience as we'd hoped for. Next, buy cheap Etodolac no rx, Etodolac price, coupon, Ed Norton's walking through his immaculately detailed apartment in Fight Club, with everything he owned displaying its name, price, and description. Buy Etodolac Without Prescription, It was an IKEA catalog brought to life. And it was supposed to scare us. Instead, it influenced a whole generation of programmers and designers who are making it possible to overlay the real world with all kinds of digital information.

What we might find scary, though, is just how fast this kind of technology becomes commonplace. Will it be socially acceptable to scan strangers. Sure, Buy Etodolac Without Prescription. Will there be virtual graffiti artists tagging the wonders of the world. Absolutely. Will we eventually forget how cool it is to use this stuff. Certainly.

UPDATE: Sean Kingston Augmented Reality Karaoke Yahoo Tech reports rapper Sean Kingston CD ships with an augmented reality component that lets visitors to Kingston's site be part of a music video. .

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  1. los angeles computer networking says

    Great article. TAT Augmented ID? I’ve never heard of this before. And can this be downloaded just by anyone?This looks bad.. tsk tsk
    Good thing my mom doesn’t have Alzheimer’s :D

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